From the beautiful mountains near Lake Ledro to the cover of Mountain Bike Plus magazine

Cover Mountain Bike Plus MagazineIt’s a yearly returning ritual, our trip to the Bike festival in Riva del Garda in Italy, with the whole Mountain Bike Plus team.
A week full of new stuff, meeting great people, riding the greatest bikes on some of the best trails and eating Italian food… it’s all work, no play.

We always stay a couple of miles outside of Riva del Garda near the Ledro lake. It’s much nicer here, instant access to the best trails, 600 meters higher than Riva, so less climbing! We rent our appartments from Green Holiday, they’re the best.

From our apartment, we looked up at this really nice mountain, so I scouted it on foot earlier in the week to see if there were any good photo spots. Well there sure were, the only problem was getting there on a mountainbike. After showing the iPhone shots to the editors, we decided to take a shot.

The weather was super, not to hot, some nice clouds to give some contrast in the sky. The climb to the first location was pretty long, but nothing compared to the second part.
Christophe (a great Belgium photographer) and I started looking for some good angles to shoot from amongst the trenches that were left there during World War One. Our supermodel Wim did some wheelies for Christophe and I snapped an image of him straight against the sun while he was riding back. D4 in Aperture mode, 14-24mm at 15mm, SB-900 on camera ¬†TTL + 1 stop, 1/1600 at f8 – 2/3 EV to compensate for the harsh sun. Didn’t think much of it until I got home and started editing the image.

Thanks to the incredible dynamic range that is hidden in the Nikons Raw files, I was able to get this much out of the image and having it end up on the cover of the june issue of Mountain Bike Plus Magazine.

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