The ultimate adventure photo backpack

I must admit, I’m a real camera bag addict. I have a closet full of bags and I was always searching for the right bag for the job.
As an action photographer you often have to travel pretty far out into nature to capture great shots and of course you want to bring all your gear. You never know what exactly you’ll need…

But bringing everything is really heavy and by no means comfortable (especially when you have to carry it on your back for a whole day, or even multiple days). So a really good backpack is an essential piece of kit (and that’s why I tried a lot of them before being satisfied).

A good backpack has to have at least the following requirements:

  • Fit a pro-camera body (or a body with batterypack attached)
  • Fit at least 2 lenses (24-70 and 14-24)
  • Hold a hydration blatter / camelbag
  • Tripod fitting
  • Room for extra jacket / rain protection and food
  • Rain cover (also handy when it’s not raining but riding on muddy tracks)
  • A good, snug fit on my back (I like my bags comfortable)

Especially the first requirement is a hard one. I love EVOC bags, but after reviewing their 35L bag in Riva last year, I found out that my D4 was to big to fit nicely. (UPDATE: the new camera compartments are designed to fit a probody I heard). That’s why I went for another brand.

Right now I use two bags from ClikElite, a camera bag manufacturer that specialises in adventure bags.
For long days on the mountainbike and working light, I use the Probody Sport.

When I want to be safe and carry everything (and you can fit everything in here) I use the Contrejour 35.

I’ll write a more detailed review of both the ClikElite bags in the near future.

Contrejour 35 - Clikelite

I shouldn’t be allowed modelling, but here’s me and my Contrejour 35 somewhere on Monte Peller in the Italian Dolomites