Bikemotion 2013

Just packing my camera and pouring another cup of coffee before going to the BikeMotion in Utrecht.
The BikeMotion is the EuroBike or InterBike of the Netherlands, but without the new stuff (because we’ve all seen it before).
But on the other hand, it’s always lot’s of fun. Chatting to friends, making new ones. Trying to find some news that we might have missed elsewhere and off course seeing nice bikes up, close and personal!

More info:

And how was it: really nice, but not much news.

One of my goals was to source some information for my new 29er fully project. I want to build a really versatile 29er full suspension, that is super light (sub 9.5kg), race ready, but also usable for multiple day all mountain trips.
I saw some really nice frames and took some off of the list.
Parts wise, nothing really new here. I won’t opt for a 1×11 setup, because I’m not just strong enough to take that to the hills…

One of the trends was seeing a lot of fat bikes, like Surley, Salsa and even Specialized had one on their booth.
And off course the demise of 26″ not beaten by 29ers, but replaced by 27.5.